#5 Easy ways to change up the look of a room!

This week we’re sharing some tips & ideas on how to change up the look & feel of a room – without having to spend thousands on painting or buying new furniture.

Most of us enjoy wearing new clothes or shoes and change them up a bit each year, or with the different seasons. So it is only natural that we would also like to refresh the spaces that we live in every now and then.

Here are some small easy ways to do so without breaking the bank 😉

#1 - Throw Pillows

Changing your throw pillows is a very quick and easy way to change out the look and feel of a room.

Whether its the pillows on your couch or chairs, or in the bedroom or even in outdoor living spaces like the stoep or braai room furniture or daybeds.

And best of all, you don’t actually have to change out the whole pillow. Simply buy new pillow cases for your existing pillows. That way you can save a buck, while building up a collection to choose from and change out every time the mood strikes!…

#2 - Planters

Adding some low maintenance plants in pretty planters or plant hangers is another quick & easy way to breathe new life into any space!

Use a plant stand in a corner next to a couch or TV unit, to add some (height) dimension. Or use a selection of cute small planters on a side table, coffee table or dining table instead of cut flowers, for a longer lasting show piece.

You can also add different height dimensions to a room or area by hanging a couple of plant hangers together on a wall, or by your window. And again these are all easy to swap out and move around for a new look whenever you want to 😉

#3 - Wall Art

Wall Art doesn’t have to always refer to an expensive painting from a famous Artist. 

These days there are many talented small artists out there, whose art pieces are not only gorgeous to look at, but also easy on the pocket!

So by buying from them you will not only be able to buy more pieces that you can swap out periodically – you will also be putting food on the table of hardworking local artists.

Below is the (wood) work of a talented young lady that we currently stock in our store. And we are actively searching to add a couple more artists that use a variety of art mediums.

#4 - Mirrors

Apart from the obvious use of a mirror – to check out that beautiful face of yours – it can also be used to brighten up a space.

Because it is reflective, mirrors can illuminate a dark room by bouncing off light from natural and artificial light sources close by.

Hang some eye catching windows near a window or opposite it to get more light reflected into your room. You can also make a mirror reflect the chandelier or candle sticks to create a romantic feel in your room.

We are adding new & unique mirrors to our collection every week! Here are a couple of our favourites… and be sure to pop in online to see new ones added.

#5 - Functional Art

And last but not least, using some functional art pieces will not only be practical but also add to changing the aesthetics of your living spaces.

  • Try alternating the coasters that you use on your coffee table from time to time. There are such a huge selection out there, ranging from rustic to boho, cute to classy & pretty much anything one can think of!
  • Another great choice of functional art pieces are candles or unique candle holders (especially in these Eishkom times that we live in…)
  • Doorstops also make for functional doorway decorations, livening up every entrance with a colour to match your style.
  • Or how about some interesting wall hooks that double up as works of art!

The possibilities are endless! Just have fun with it and let your creative juices flow wildly 🤩

~That Little Shop

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