Massage date with VD body butter

Massage Date Idea

We all love a good massage, so give your partner the ultimate massage this Valentine’s Day!

What you need:

  • Rose Petals
  • Candles
  • Music you both enjoy
  • Body Butter
  • Privacy

What to do:

Set some ambiance in the room with soft music that you both enjoy listening to. Spread some lit candles throughout the room and have your body butter ready. You can also ensure that the sheets are clean or lay a towel down, also ensuring that the room that you make use of is clear of clutter.

Start your massage with soft, long strokes along your partner’s back and sides. You can now put some body butter on your hands and gently begin working it into their back while maintaining long strokes.

You can begin to focus on areas that are tense such as the neck and shoulders, working your fingers in small circles in the areas that have the most build up. Try not to push too hard as you want this to be a relaxing experience for your loved one. Then see where the night takes you!

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