5 Cozy Seasonal Ideas to Change Up Your Home Decor from Summer to Winter

As the warmth of summer fades and winter’s chill begins to settle in, it’s the perfect time to also make small changes to your home decor.

In order to refresh and transform your home into a warm and cozy haven from the upcoming colder months.

So here are 5 of our ideas to inspire your seasonal shift

1. Warm Textiles & Layered Fabrics:

This is probably the most obvious of our suggestions today.

Introduce plush textures and layered fabrics to your living spaces by swapping lightweight summer fabrics for cozy textiles that evoke warmth.

 Bring out the fluffy thick woven throws, knitted blankets, sheepskin rugs and faux fur cushions to add layers of comfort to your living spaces.  While velvet and wool are excellent choices for curtains and upholstery, providing both insulation and a sense of indulgence.

5 Cozy Seasonal Ideas to Transition Your Home Decor from Summer to Winter

2. Embrace Rich & Warm Colours:

Apart from the type of textiles and fabrics, you can also swap out the light and airy summer hues for deeper, richer, warmer colours.

Think Autumn leaves & warm colours like terracotta, deep browns, burgundy and forest greens.

And then incorporate these colours in your choice of throws, pillows, blankets, curtains or even a statement piece of art.

Embrace Rich Warm Colours

3. Choose Warm Lighting:

With shorter days ahead, lighting becomes key in creating a cozy atmosphere.

Opt for soft, warm lighting using table lamps, floor lamps, and string lights. While Candles in decorative holders can add a soft glow and as well as a hint of fragrance (also see idea no 4.)

And a less obvious, but very effective tip is to swap out all your lightbulbs seasonally… So that you use Cool White bulbs in Summer, and Warm White Bulbs in Winter. You will be amazed at the big difference it will make by tricking the mind into experiencing a much warmer/cooler environment!

Cool Warm

4. Use Seasonal Scents:

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies or spicy citrus-y mulled wine right!?

So bring on the winter atmosphere with seasonal scents of cinnamon, vanilla, citrus, pine, and cedar.

You can use scented candles, room sprays, incense, aroma therapy burners, essential oil diffusers, or even old school potpourri to infuse your home with all these inviting wintery aromas. 

Use Seasonal Scents

And Last but by no means Least; 5. Cozy Up Your Bedroom

Lets face it, in the winter months we tend to spend that extra couple of minutes (if not hours) hibernating under the covers

So it makes sense to cozy up these inner sanctuaries for this purpose, if nothing else!

  • Switch to a heavier duvet or comforter and add layers like heavy knit throws or fluffy blankets.
  • Choose bedding in seasonal colors or patterns to instantly change the mood.
  • Switch out lightweight sheets for flannel winter sheets & pillowcases to keep warm during colder nights.
  • Add some warm rugs for when you have to step out of your slippers and into bed, and vice versa.
  • Hang some thicker curtains to insulate the windows and keep your bedroom warm through the night when the temperature drops outside.
  • And while you’re at it, you might as well incorporate some warm lighting, and winter fragances, to complete the seasonal transformation.
Summer Winter

As the seasons change, we develop a natural desire to also refresh our living spaces.

Changing up your home decor from summer to winter is an opportunity to indulge this desire and to also celebrate and enjoy the changing seasons.

We invite you to try and incorporate some of these seasonal decor ideas in your home! So that you too can transform your living spaces into warm, inviting & cozy retreats this winter.

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