Classic Hardwood Chopping Board


The Classic Hardwood Chopping Board — previously a favorite among meat processing pros — is now a must-have for home kitchens too!

These solid Chopping Blocks are perfect for cutting meats and all sorts of delicious ingredients, as you prep for your meals. They are also great for slicing your cooked meat a you serve it straight off the braai!

Made from tough, ethically sourced Knysna Blackwood — which has a fine texture — these boards are strong and durable, yet gentle on your precious knives. Additionally the surface of this cutting board is treated with a food-safe mineral oil and can easily be maintained with the My Butchers Block Woodcare range.

Get your hands on this sturdy and reliable chopping board that can handle all your culinary adventures with ease!

Manufacturing Lead time: 2-10 business days

Every kitchen enthusiast will appreciate the sturdiness and robust construction of our Classic Hardwood Chopping Board.

Its solid build ensures stability during even the most vigorous chopping sessions, guaranteeing a reliable surface for all your culinary endeavors. Rest assured, your cherished knife blades will remain in pristine condition, thanks to the gentle yet resilient nature of our blackwood material.

Features of the Classic Hardwood Chopping Board:

  • Made from locally sourced sustainable Knysna Blackwood.
  • The surface is treated with mineral oil and can easily be maintained with My Butchers Block Woodcare.
  • Finish: Beautiful natural patterning. Knysna Blackwood is used in many luxury wooden items due to its deep shimmering hues and unique pattern.
  • The Large size of this cutting board means that you have more than enough space to even debone your meat on it.


    • Length: 50cm
    • Width: 35cm
    • Thickness: 5cm

These boards are great next to your braai. Ready for chopping, slicing, and serving straight off the grid.

Made to last for years & to also extend the life of your knives – it will not warp over time like inferior cutting boards.

Prepare to elevate your cooking experience with our Classic Hardwood Chopping Board. Its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship make it a versatile companion for cutting meats, vegetables, and a wide array of ingredients.

Whether you’re a professional chef or an aspiring home cook, this chopping board’s exceptional quality and enduring appeal will enhance your kitchen aesthetics while delivering unmatched performance. Invest in the best and savor the pleasure of precision cutting with our Classic Hardwood Chopping Board.

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 5 cm
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Natural Wood Grain




Knysna Blackwood


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