6 Pocket Wall Panel Planter


Use our 6 Pocket Wall Panel Planter to grow your favourite herbs and veggies right on your doorstep. Have fresh, organic food whenever you want it.

Our vertical garden pockets are large enough to grow most herbs and vegetables. Install your vertical wall garden and you won’t look back – experience the joy of eating your own, locally grown, fresh vegetables and herbs. Even if you only have the tiniest balcony on which to grow your produce, we’ll make sure you have happy and healthy herbs and veg.

These panels are easy to install. Hang just one or hang many! Cover an entire wall in living art by hanging several planters side by side – rotate or reorganize them anytime you want to change up your patio’s look!

Lead time: 5-10 days

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The 6 Pocket Wall Panel Planter has larger pockets that are perfect for growing healthy herbs or you favourite cascading plants.

Features of the 6 Pocket Wall Panel Planter:

  • Designed and hand made by South Africans for your joyous experience of growing your own food.
  • Panels can be hung up almost anywhere where there is a vertical surface, in your garden, on a fence, on a trellis, in the courtyard or on an apartment balcony. Making it ideal for growing food where space is at a premium.
  • The geotextile fabric is super-strong, non-toxic and has a soft felt feel & includes plastic backing for protection of wall surfaces.
  • The pockets retain enough moisture to keep soil damp for longer while being permeable enough to allow proper drainage
  • Webbing around edge has strategically placed eyelets for easy installation and mounting.
  • This option is especially well suited for the physically challenged, since it is shorter and can be placed lower down on a wall surface.


60 cm high x 100 cm wide

Pocket size:

30 cm wide x 23 cm deep each

Weight 0.938 kg
Dimensions 60 × 100 × 5 cm

Geotextile Fabric


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