Sleeping Man Art Print by Walter Battiss


Introducing the Sleeping Man Art Print – an exquisite, officially authenticated reproduction capturing the essence of the original abstract masterpiece, ‘Sleeping Man,’ crafted by the celebrated South African artist, Walter Battiss.

A hallmark of Battiss’s creations lies in his masterful use of color. Infusing his pieces with vibrant, saturated hues, he breathes life into his compositions, imbuing them with a pulsating energy. The loose and expressive brushstrokes further contribute to the captivating dynamism of his paintings.

Battiss’s artistic realm is marked by a playful and whimsical spirit. Frequently portraying animals, humans, and flora in a stylized and simplified fashion, his work exudes a delightful charm. Infused with humor and irony, his creations resonate with a unique artistic language.

Acquire a piece of this artistic legacy, as the Sleeping Man Art Print by Walter Battiss invites you to transform your space into a homage to creativity, culture, and the timeless allure of abstract expression.

Printed with Archival Pigment Ink on 308gsm Acid Free Cotton Rag Paper, the Sleeping Man Art Print is sold unframed** in different sizes, including: A4, A3, A2 and an Extra-Large (50cm x 71cm).

This Sleeping Man Art Print is an authentic copy of the original “Sleeping Man” artwork by the well-known South African artist, Walter Battiss.

Battiss’s artistic approach is a distinctive fusion of influences, seamlessly weaving together African rock art, European modernism, and pop art.

Features of the Sleeping Man Art Print by Walter Battiss:

  • All prints are true authentic copies of the original artwork of Walter Battiss.
  • These copies have lawfully been produced with full acknowledgement and consent of the copyright holder.
  • Originally-numbered silkscreens or artist proofs are scanned; colour corrected and digitally printed by master digital printers.
  • Every print is also hand-embossed with the Walter Battiss signature.
  • The Walter Battiss signature is a registered trademark and ensures the authenticity of the print.
  • The Sleeping Man Art Print by is sold unframed, but we recommend having them framed in a frame of your choice. This will protect the print from dust and other environmental elements, so that you can enjoy it on your walls for many, many years.
  • **If you are able to collect in Cape Town, we can arrange framed options for you as well. We do not courier framed prints, because the courier that we use cannot guarantee safe/undamaged delivery. But you are also welcome to arrange your own courier to collect, if you live outside of Cape Town and can not personally collect. Please email for prices & more info.
  • This artwork has has multiple bold colours including Reds, Yellow, Blues, Oranges, Greens & Purples.
  • Material & Print details: All prints are printed with Light-Fast Archival Pigment Ink on 308gsm Acid Free Cotton Rag Paper.
  • Print Orientation: Landscape

Sizes Available:

  • A4 Height: 21cm x Width: 29.7cm
  • A3Height: 29.7cm x Width: 42cm
  • A2Height: 42cm x Width: 59.4cm
  • X-LargeHeight: 50cm x Width: 71cm
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Dimensions 3 cm
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A2, A3, A4, X Large



Art Print




308gsm Acid Free Cotton Rag Paper


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